Apex Bulk has used the services of Petroleum Management Services for the past year. Petroleum Management Services has controlled the fuel inventory at all of our trucking terminals. They monitor inventory 24 hrs per day, seven days per week. Petroleum Management Services also negotiates pricing for all our bulk and on road fuel purchases. We have consistently beaten the pricing compared to all published benchmarks. However, in our view the greatest value in the Petroleum Management Services is the confidence we have that our fuel supply is uninterrupted and priced competitively.

Denny Wyatt
Vice President Apex Bulk Commodities

Our Company has utilized Petroleum Management Service through both the significant increases in price realized throughout the Summer of 2005 and beyond to the more recent downward pricing experienced in more recent fuel markets. We have experienced superior performance in both service and purchasing by Petroleum Management Service. After using the services of their company we came to the determination that our organization was being provided with inventory control of product and that the purchasing and delivery expertise were saving us tens of thousands of dollars over the course of our relationship. The minimal cost of this service has allowed our business to concentrate its efforts on the activities in which we are experts, while reaping the benefits Petroleum Management Service provides in their area of expertise.

Glenn E Warner
President South Bay Salt Works
Chula Vista


Wednesday’s national oil satistics had an air of mystery about them as the clock ticked down to 10:30 a.m. Last week’s very bearish numbers had some traders (probably the hopeful bulls) thinking “aberration” and maybe a reversal this week. Even so, the cautious consensus of the experts was still calling for counter-seasonal builds in inventory.
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Now for the economic news, if I have to. Last week’s data from the Labor Department confirmed what we all probably already knew: unemployment is worsening. The unemployment rate jumped to 7.2% (the highest in almost 16 years) on the back of another 524,000 jobs lost in December.
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