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These are the historical average prices for what Petroleum Management Service customers have been paying for their clear diesel. You can use these charts as a gauge to see how your company compares. If our prices are lower we would to like to hear from you. If our prices are higher we would still like to hear from you. We would be interested in knowing who you use as a supplier. "Our motto is that our Customers do not pay the peek for the week."


We offer advice to those customers that would prefer to manage their own fuel needs by sticking their tanks, determining which supplier to use, and making arrangements to have the fuel delivered. Based on their capacity, their usage, and our knowledge of market trends, Petroleum Management Services will advise our customers that subscribe to our bronze service as to when to purchase their fuel.


Petroleum Management Services will completely manage bulk fuel needs for those customers that wish to concentrate their energy on their core business. We install monitors on our customers at no cost to them. We monitor their bulk fuel tanks 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Based on their capacity, their usage, and our knowledge of market trends, Petroleum Management Services will decide when to arrange delivery of their customers fuel.


Petroleum Management Service’s Gold Service is the same as their Silver Service except with the addition of supplying our customer’s access to our web site for their fuel network needs. We will customize maps with road fuel prices from the largest truck stops in the 48 states. Our customers dispatch departments will be able to access this web site and advise their drivers where to get the lowest road fuel price on their route.

The road fuel prices are updated daily.

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